What is the registration process?

Those interested are required to visit our website https://www.phdresearchonline.com/ and select the desired course and fill the online “Registration Form” available on the website. A course fee, as applicable, is to be made through online netbanking.

Will a Learner earn Credits & certificate ?

A student having successfully completed the course shall get a Certificate that shall be issued by Host University.

How would a student know that the Registration process is complete?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your enrolment number for the course.

When does the course starts?

The Course will start from the date specified by LBP Publication through an e-mail.

When would one get the Study Material?

The study material would be available on your dashboard for the entire duration, from the date of commencement as notified by LBP Publication.

Will I receive notification emails when new post is added?


What is the Fees and Duration of the Course?
Can I change the start date of my course?


What is the mode of payment for the Course?

Course fee, as applicable, is to be made online only.

Can a Student download the Study Material?

Yes, the study material can be downloaded.

Can the Study Material be printed?

Yes, the study material can be printed.

What is the teaching methodology followed in the Course?

Stage 1: Study material will be provided to the students along with the Forum to enable participants to raise queries and also interact with other participants. The queries raised by the participants would be responded.
Stage 2: Daily Online Session
Stage 3: Submission of Assignments.
Stage 4: Online Examination and Issue of the Certificate.

How many questions can be asked in the Assignment?

25 questions may be asked in the assignment.

How will the candidate know the assignment dates?

The Assignment date will be notified by LBP through e-mail.

Can the online exam be given at anytime on the date of the exam?

Yes, the online exam can only be given from (11.00 am - 05.00 pm) on the dates of the exam. The examination portal shall close at 05.00 pm, each day.

How can one give the online Exam?

The Course Participants are required to login with their username and password and by clicking on the examination tab available on their dashboard.

Will there be Negative Marking for Incorrect Answers?

No, there would be no negative marking for incorrect answers.

How many questions would be there in the examination?

10 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), 8 Short Notes & 2 Broad Questions would be there in the examination.

Can a Candidate change the answer to the question already attempted?

The Candidate cannot go back and change the answer to a question already attempted, as it is not allowed.

What would happen in case of power/internet failure during the Exam?

In case of power/internet failure, the course participants are required to refresh the exam page, on the same date. On doing so, the exam will continue from where it had stopped.

How will the assignment be submitted?

The Assignment will be uploaded online, by clicking on the “Assignment Tab” available on the student dashboard.

How should questions be answered?

The Questions should be answered in the question paper only (word format).

What should be the Format of the File?

The Format of the file should be in PDF/Word format.

When would the exam be conducted?

The Exam would be conducted after the completion of the course. The date of examination will be notified by LBP through email. A Candidate would be provided “three days” to appear for the examination.

What is the mode of giving the exam?

The mode of giving the Exam is online.

Which Operating system is recommended for the exam?

Laptops/Desktops with Windows Operating system and Mobile is recommended, so that online examination could be taken uninterrupted.

Which Browser is recommended for the Exam?

Chrome and Firefox are the browsers recommended for the Exam.

What if student appears and fails in the exam?

The Candidate can appear for the re-exam in the next subsequent session, on payment of a prescribed fee.

What if a Candidate is not able to appear for the Exam?

The Candidate can appear for the exam in the next subsequent session only, on the date notified by LBP, on payment of a prescribed fee.

How can a candidate received the certification?

Certificate will be sent through courier facility, and can also be collected by the candidate from LBP’s office.

What are the total marks for the Assignment?

The Assignment carries 100 marks.

What would be the last date for assignment submission?

The last date for assignment submission would be notified by LBP, through email.

What is the word limit for an assignment question?

The word limit for each question in the assignments is 500 words.

Who should be contacted for any Information?

For any further Information
Course Coordinator Contact Numbers : 9595359435
E-mails : info@phdresearchonline,
Website : https://www.phdresearchonline.com/

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